A Noah's Ark for velvet paws

Our cat villa is a separate large building with a large open-air passage. This special building allows our cats, which have come from shelter breakups and daring rescue operations, to live a fulfilled life.

In summer they explore their enclosure and roam around until sunset, in winter they enjoy the warming fire in the pellet stove and watch the flames with fascination. Our cats are extremely shy or victims of abuse. They seek contact with people only after a long period of attention, but generally prefer their own kind and the peace and safety in their home. Many of our cats become "kidney patients" over the years, the poor nutrition in their countries of origin, frequent deworming in the often cramped rescue camps and leftovers of food take their toll in the later years of life. Again, we provide each animal individually with the appropriate nutrition, special kidney treatments and infusions that are necessary to dilute the toxins of the kidneys. These animals require a great deal of care, but they usually survive the remaining life time determined by the veterinarians by years, which fills us with pride and joy.

I donate pellets for the oven in the cat villa

Our cats love the warmth! If you want to give our cats a warm and cuddly place in the cold season, please click here.

Donation stove pellets


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