A dog can become a wheelchair dog throught many life circumstances.

In most cases it is a serious car accident, after which the animals have received initial medical care from animal protection associations in Russia, Turkey and other countries. Unfortunately, the surgical correction by a specialist rarely takes place due to the lack of specialists and finances. Saving the life of the animal is the first priority after an accident. Often the animals are left for days in pain and without food and water until courageous animal welfare activists come to the rescue.

The wounds have become inflamed, the animals are devitalized and life saving is then the first priority. Due to the still existing zest for life, the animals begin to resume their activities after some time, they search for food and move around, but then drag on the ground and create permanent wounds.

Many animals continue to be in pain because nerves were injured in the original fracture or the fractures simply press against each other.

When we take over these animals, we check the possibility of helping the dogs through an operation after a period of acclimatisation. These examinations are costly and the planned operations are not always possible because the fractures have already healed or kidney and heart problems prevent the complicated operation.

For these dogs special wheelchairs are adapted with which they can take part in the daily walks and roll around the grounds.

Every disabled dog, whether in a wheelchair or not, has a right to life. We are looking forward to your donation, which is not based on pity but on compassion, and which will enable the animal, which gets used to the new circumstances of life quickly, to have a normal everyday life.

I'm donating a dog wheelchair

We order our wheelchairs from the company "K9carts", exactly adapted to the body and weight of the dog. If you would like to support one of our dogs with a wheelchair donation, please click here:

Donation dog wheelchair

I'm taking on a diaper sponsorship

Disabled dogs are mostly not able to control their "needs" due to the nerve injury. They need diapers that have to be changed several times a day. We do not use dog nappies but Pampers Baby Dry, because they offer the highest comfort to the dogs. Click here if you would like to adopt a diaper for one month

Donation for a diaper sponsorship

I donate a dog swimming lesson with physiotherapy

Our disabled dogs need regular physiotherapy and therapeutic swimming to stay healthy. One hour of swimming physiotherapy gives the dog new mobility and a lot of joy!

Donation for a dog swimming lesson


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