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Cancer is a disease that has not been fully researched in animals or humans. Science has no idea where this cell degeneration ultimately comes from and how each type of cancer behaves differently in each body.

The diagnosis of cancer is not a death sentence, it is the beginning of a change in everyday life, which requires massive stress reduction, a special diet, vitamins and a special holistic and medical management. In the healing environment of the Animal Eden Paradise estate, dogs and cats experience these special circumstances.

They have no stress whatsoever in their daily lives, there is the forest, a private lake, soft pillows and constant monitoring of their individual state of illness. Already in the first weeks after arrival the animals are visibly recovered. With our "anti-cancer" diet we give the animal's body strength while we contain the negative cell growth.

We work with antioxidants and relieve the organs with special cures so that the body can regain its strength. None of our animals suffer pain: a well-dosed pain medication, which we have more than mastered after many years of individual support, is given if needed.

None of our animals has ever been "redeemed". Those who wanted to leave their bodies fell asleep calmly and were accompanied in deep love by their animal friends and the keepers on site.

I donate medicines and remedies for an animal suffering from cancer



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