Animals have no lobby

We need to raise our voice for animals. Since we feel that Animal Welfare is not only based on the efforts of individuals but also rests upon the whole society and all industries involved, we constantly work with companies as sponsors to show that the awareness for animal welfare is a challenge for all of humanity.

If you are a company, please think about donating to us, being part of a project, or maybe just taking a stand in your community with your business. All donations are tax-deductible.

For example, USD 2500 will cover a castration and first aid project for 50-60 dogs or cats in any country. This will save the life of 300-500 animals in a larger perspective due to procreation that would normally follow if not looked after. Over 40 companies have already joined, please join us too.

If you would also like to support our association as a sponsor, please contact us.