Students and young veterinarians can gain valuable practical experience at our Animal Eden Paradise estate and further their education in palliative care, oncology and holistic veterinary medicine.

Nestled in the beautiful, peaceful Limousin countryside, the students live in small apartments with shared bathrooms.

The work on site includes understanding the daily work steps on the animal on the various topics of palliative care, oncology and alternative healing methods. This includes changing diapers, moving the animal in a wheelchair, healing massages and "memory games" with the animals, as well as walking rounds and pain therapy.

The students get concrete knowledge about the shared housing, care and costs of handicapped and cancer-ridden animals. In our experience, many animal oncologists in particular have a theoretical - scientific knowledge, which later in their own practice offers little help when talking to the animal owner. The animal owners feel overstrained.

The concrete knowledge in handling the animals helps the owner of an animal to plan their everyday life and to go from pure medicine giving into accompanying his animal.

Animal Eden offers an invaluable experience basis for veterinary medicine students, especially in the holistic view of illness and what the animal needs for its well-being. Our animals, thanks to the special living environment and care, survive their "diseases" by 3-5 years on average.

In the field of palliative care, Animal Eden sets new standards and leads budding vets to treat animals to their natural end, away from the hasty euthanasia that is unfortunately omnipresent in common European practice. The students learn how animals can find their natural transition as best as possible without pain and also how this path can be followed in practice with future animal owners. A farewell with love and dignity for the animal.

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